AoRG Crest


The official time zone of AoRG is the EST zone.
All meetings held at 10:00pm EST on Wednesday evenings.

Dates marked as Chancellery are for those currently serving as a member of the Chancellery.
place: private for Chancellors ONLY.

Dates marked as Forum are open to all members of AoRG.
place: Red Dragon Inn Hall (clickable for AOL only)

We may not always be able to have this room, try our old room if we aren't there.
place: AoRG Meeting Hall (clickable for AOL only)

Enacted is a practice of requiring Grand Commanders to meet with us over disruptive conduct though the member causing the problem will not be allowed to attend this meeting with the Chancellors.


MEETING CONDUCT: this applies for all offical meetings. (i.e. forum).
Please do not disrupt the person having the floor, nor speak out of turn. Thinking out loud and unnecessary movements are a hinderance and should not occur.

Please make certain you exercise the following due respect for all during the meeting.
      If you have a question, please place a [?] in the room.
      If you wish to comment, please place a [!] in the room.
      If you have another topic pending that you wish to speak on after the current one concludes, please add #.

Once you have finished with what you need to say, please use G/A (which means "Go Ahead") to allow for either a follow up from someone you are speaking to or the next person in the queue to be able to speak. At times it is very clear that a member has concluded, such as when a person states "I am finished", that is fine, and will be recognized as well. Do not blurt out questions and comments while another is currently speaking.

You will promptly be added to the queue and called upon when it is your turn to speak. Please do not blurt out questions and comments while another is currently speaking.

Note: Concerning Chancellery Hiatus
During this time, Chancellors have the option to work when time and opportunity allow, or not at all, depending on what they decide is best for themselves over the break. Chancellors return from Winter Haitus as of January 6th, 2016.

If you would like to submit something to the weekly AoRG Newsletter, you are asked to send submissions no later than 11:00pm EST on Monday evenings to:

Articles related to your guild may be written by anyone, but must be approved by, and submitted by the High Command of AoRG Guilds. Your article may be about your guild history, a special time shared with it, an interesting day , or a forward outlook for it. How you create your essay about your guild is up to you . You may include a piece of guild art, such as a logo, and any keys (site links) if you wish . There is no set "deadline" as we will continue to accept contributions throughout this coming year. One (1) entry per guild, thank you.

Good gaming involves interesting interaction among people IC, well put together creative efforts ,and a complete refusal to accept OOC drama. AoRG tries to remain out of it.

If you must send orbs of being harassed OOC, please send to the Tresvir. A reply is never promised. We do not condone harassment , and people have to make it clear on their own that they will not put up with it.

Staying engaged in the argument signals that you are still willing to fight about it, and people will think you want more. People who have concerns that alternates are used to gain unfair advantages over others are recommended to distance themselves from it in all ways they can.

Some people play cheap, other people play well. You don't have to sign up for their events , nor invite them to yours. You are meant to enjoy your time here and have a right to do so.

AoRG wishes to make known it supports all facets of the authority of the higher power known as AOL in that we do not condone anything that AOL considers offensive, including, but not limited to foul language, and unsolicited mass mailings.